The All = In Network grew out of the NECE Hard to Reach Learners Focus Group, which was run by the BpB between 2012 and 2016. This network is now coordinated by the School Development Support Agency, Leicester, UK, a partner and co-founder of the former NECE Focus Group.

We follo w up on the work done so far by focussing on citizenship learning where existing education is failing some groups of learners. This failure is increasingly problematic as learners who experience discrimination, racism and/or economic exclusion may be most in need of citizens’ rights and support in having their voices heard. It is equally important for all learners to learn about diversity and develop the skills to combat racism and build cohesion as divisive forces of nationalism are increasing. Whilst the citizenship curriculum in schools and colleges is an obvious starting point for this learning, only some of this will take place in formal education programmes.

Our network welcomes links with all professionals concerned with citizenship learning whether front-line practitioners, researchers, administrators or academics. We are dedicated to supporting and sharing innovative and inclusive work in all settings, formal and informal for all ages of learners.

We are also committed to playing an active part in supporting the development of the wider NECE network.