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This toolkit has been produced by members of the All = In Network. It has been devised to complement our 3½ minute video “How Are We Teaching Citizenship?” available on You Tube. The video sets out some challenging issues and questions for teachers. Together with these training activities, we hope it will encourage colleagues to reflect on their practice and improve their work promoting human rights, participative democracy and equity in the increasingly diverse communities of Europe.

Watch the All = In animation video

The project team:

Adam Newman Turner (editor): School Development Support Agency, Leicester, UK

Terezie Vávrová, Civic Education Centre, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Czech Republic

Christoph Muller-Hofstede: Bundeszentrale fur Politische Bildung, Germany

Chris Waller: Association for Citizenship Teaching, UK

Conor Harrison: Education Consultant, CJH Education Consulting, Republic of Ireland

Contents of the toolkit

  • Teaching Citizenship… The Most Important Subject?
  • The ‘All = In Network’
  • A Few Questions to Start Us Thinking
  • Our Working Principles
  • Using the Video
  • Using the Script: Trigger Questions
  • Let’s Sort Our Thoughts!
  • Opinion Finders Activity
  • Why Teach Citizenship? What Are Your (Personal) Reasons?
  • Appendix 1: ‘Let’s Sort Our Thoughts!’ Material for the discussion activity

Your Feedback and Suggestions Please

We are keen to learn of your experiences and suggestions and will be especially grateful for contributions of further training activities to add to this toolkit. Please contact us at

Download the training pack