All = In Pathfinder

The All = In Pathfinder is an interactive, online multiple choice quiz that helps you to think through some tricky issues and then suggests some links and resources that you may find useful for your work teaching citizenship.  Please send your feedback and suggestions to improve it

How it works

We have listed groups of statements that show some widely varying opinions on a range of important citizenship issues. As you read them, we hope you will need to think carefully about your own beliefs and values. To complete the quiz you can click to indicate statements you agree with and also ones you strongly disagree with on each page.  At the end, we will offer you some ideas to follow up. Please note this tool is still under development and the report section is not ready yet. However we would encourage you to go through the quiz and us your comments and suggestions on the draft questions.

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Citizenship values

The quiz encourages you to think about and test your views on the following values. To learn about our definitions of these concepts/values please click on the individual concepts.


Anything you do on this site is completely anonymous and cannot be traced to you in any way, however, this is the first version of the All = In Pathfinder and we would be very grateful to receive your feedback on any aspect of this tool including general content, specific text, ease of use, overall design, suggestions for follow-up resources and any ways we could make it more useful for teachers.

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