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All = In Roma Inclusion Resources


Based on original materials by Mark Penfold, Babington Academy, Leicester, UK with additional work by the All = In Network editors:

Project Team

Adam Newman Turner: School Development Support Agency (SDSA) Leicester, UK

Irina Ilisei: President & International Projects Coordinator, Asociatia PLURAL, Romania

Terezie Vávrová, Civic Education Centre, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Czech Republic

Your Feedback and Suggestions Please

We are keen to learn of your experiences and suggestions relating to these materials and will be especially grateful for contributions of further training activities and materials to add to this pack. Please contact us at:

Why This Pack?

Average educational outcomes for Roma learners fall below outcomes for most other identifiable groups in education across Europe. Reasons for this are complex and multiple. The consequences of educational under-achievement damage the life chances of many Roma citizens permanently and increase economic and social segregation wherever Roma groups live. Inequalities reproduced from one generation to the next steadily erode social cohesion and threaten economic stability.  Initiatives to improve education for Roma learners have been attempted over many years. We believe that an important starting point for all such work is awareness raising and skill development for front-line workers. We offer these materials to support anyone taking on this work.

Who Are These Materials For?

  • Anyone who works to support education for communities that include Roma residents.
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their skills knowledge and awareness related to Roma exclusion, inclusion, discrimination, participation and equitable treatment.
  • Anyone wishing to facilitate training of front-line staff or development and improvement of learning institutions
  • Anyone administering education policy, leading or supporting schools

Work In Progress…Can You Help?

These materials are made freely available to you by the All=In Network. We believe they need continual revision and improvement. Please adapt them freely to suit your context. We ask two things of users:

Help Us Improve:
Please spare a little time to send us some feedback or contribute some of your own favourite materials to improve this collection? Here is an email address for your comments and contributions:

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